When I play online blackjack I have always fired the imagination of gamblers. The high roller wagering, the tricky table etiquette and the plot added by James Bond movies have presented baccarat as an exciting game. When I played at online casino Malaysia I came into existence baccarat was one of the games offered. But too bad baccarat did not select as a random number generator based online casino game. The distrust that some players still hold for software based on random number generators is only part of the problem.

The main reason for the lack of demand of baccarat in online casino Malaysia was that the excitement was missing. I played in live casino Malaysia the baccarat table attracts traffic due to the possible interaction between players. I am sure this was not possible in online baccarat. Hence when live dealer games were introduced in online casino Malaysia live dealer baccarat was the first game. In live dealer baccarat actual live casino operations of a dealer dealing cards from the shoe are video photographed and streamed across the Internet to the players’ computers. So that even though the players are wagering anonymously in the comfort of their homes they can try live land casino reality. Many online players have their favorite baccarat dealers and regulate their gambling times to match with the times that these dealers come on.

At the same time live dealer baccarat shelters players from the aggressive atmosphere that can always prevail to find the best real money blackjack. Players who have misused the random number generator and have stayed away from online casino Malaysia are coming back to live dealer baccarat as they can see the cards being dealt from the shoe. This version of baccarat has cards dealt from an eight deck shoe. The usual Tie, Player and Banker bets are available with a 5% commission being charged on a Banker win. Online casino Malaysia offer variants in their live dealer baccarat games that are not found in live casino Malaysia. Premium baccarat is allowing for played on a 14 seat multiplayer table with baccarat pairs rules and card peeking. The rest of live dealer baccarat types are Baccarat Pairs, Dragon Bonus Baccarat, Zero Commission Baccarat and Lucky Pair Baccarat. The different pair’s side bets in these live dealer baccarat variants are based on the Player and Banker will drawing a pair as their first two cards.