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SCR888 is considered as a famous online casino as well as a well-known collection of slot games in Malaysia. Joining SCR 888 collection, you can try a lot of different slot games with various betting options. If you are big fans of online betting games, especially slot games, don’t miss out this article. There is a lot of information about SCR 888 that help you can achieve victory in your favorite slot games.


As you know, SCR 888 includes many different slot games that allow players to play and install without money. But if you want to try your luck for real money versions, it is better to know all below information.

Popular slot games everyone knows

SCR 888 is a various collection including more than 100 different slot games. When joining SCR 888 collection, lots of people are interested in Monkey jackpots games and horse racing betting games. In addition, you can find many popular slot games Malaysia in this collection. As the best convenience, you can find and login SCR 888 slot machine everywhere you go, even you can play SCR 888 slots at your home by the way you want.

Offers highest progressive jackpots payout

SCR 888 jackpot really is a chance to win a large amount of cash compare to other betting games in UCW88 casino. Slot machines in SCR 888 are known for providing the biggest progressive jackpots payout. You can get higher payout percentages than other casino games. Therefore, your jackpots will be better and bigger which can make you become millionaire immediately.

Tricks to win SCR 888 casino games

As I know, analysts said that the free to play option of SCR 888 slot games has placed benefits of players first. It can help you succeed in your favorite slot games. That means you should choose to play for free at first to learn many useful things from SCR 888 free slot games.

The seconds, never forget to take advantages of bonus and promotions. You should know that the best benefit of online casino games is it offers a numerous of bonuses and promotions which allow players to win improve chance of winning as well as win more money. In SCR 888 slot games, you can receive more bonus than other games in Malaysia online casino. It can be reason why many players want to opt for SCR888 casino slot games in Malaysia.

The third, there is no better way to get big cash than playing the maximum as possible, especially playing the max numbers of pay lines. This is also compulsory requirement to reach jackpots in SCR 888 slot games.

The last, you should limit your drink when you play SCR 888 slot games for real money. You also need to take break after hour of playing to relax, avoid feeling tired to play the most efficiently.

Check internet sites, choose for yourself a good SCR 888 casino and simply enjoy. Welcome and having good time with SCR 888!

When I played Baccarat in live casino Malaysia has always fired the imagination of gamblers. The high roller wagering, the tricky table etiquette and the plot added by James Bond movies have presented baccarat as an exciting game. When I played at online casino Malaysia I came into existence baccarat was one of the games offered. But too bad baccarat did not select as a random number generator based online casino game. The distrust that some players still hold for software based on random number generators is only part of the problem.


      The main reason for the lack of demand of baccarat in online casino Malaysia was that the excitement was missing. I played in live casino Malaysia the baccarat table attracts traffic due to the possible interaction between players. I am sure this was not possible in online baccarat. Hence when live dealer games were introduced in online casino Malaysia live dealer baccarat was the first game. In live dealer baccarat actual live casino operations of a dealer dealing cards from the shoe are video photographed and streamed across the Internet to the players’ computers. So that even though the players are wagering anonymously in the comfort of their homes they can try live land casino reality. Many online players have their favorite baccarat dealers and regulate their gambling times to match with the times that these dealers come on.

    At the same time live dealer baccarat shelters players from the aggressive atmosphere that can always prevail in live casino Malaysia. Players who have misused the random number generator and have stayed away from online casino Malaysia are coming back to live dealer baccarat as they can see the cards being dealt from the shoe. This version of baccarat has cards dealt from an eight deck shoe. The usual Tie, Player and Banker bets are available with a 5% commission being charged on a Banker win. Online casino Malaysia offer variants in their live dealer baccarat games that are not found in live casino Malaysia. Premium baccarat is allowing for played on a 14 seat multiplayer table with baccarat pairs rules and card peeking. The rest of live dealer baccarat types are Baccarat Pairs, Dragon Bonus Baccarat, Zero Commission Baccarat and Lucky Pair Baccarat. The different pair’s side bets in these live dealer baccarat variants are based on the Player and Banker will drawing a pair as their first two cards.

Online casinos have boomed for years, but have never been as great as they are today. Although you might not have played in these Cyberspace casinos are the innovation of the future and only become more popular as time goes on.If you found this page, you probably want to know what they are all about, and all the benefits that are involved.


Look at an online casino like this, it is simply a more convenient way for you to play all the games you love to land based casino. It costs less, can be done twenty four hours a day and seven days a week after work there is no command to do it, because nonsmokers your home is a smoke-free atmosphere, and this is right to begin. With so many advantages we imagine you’ll be ready to play after reading this article.

If you are wondering which online casino has to offer in terms of the game is nothing different from the land based sector. Obviously there is not no card is defending if poker is the game of choice, but the Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride him and poker three cards are all available to play. Perhaps table games like roulette and craps are more up your alley, both available with online casinos.

Then of course, the millions of slot machine lovers out there, online casinos have so many to choose from them will keep you busy for a long time. All denominations are available, and bigger jackpots compared to land based casinos have. Why ? Most of it has to do with the ridiculous amounts of money that revolves around online casinos and money that can be done.

Speaking of money, earlier we talked about how a casino online costs less and for many of you who did not understand probably. Look at your local casinos as a minimum ante can be $ 5- $ 15 depending on what day of the week you play, and barring any special offers. If you play online and want to play card games that the ante is $ 1. It is he, craps, play the pay line costs $ 2 and the wheel changes according to the company.

This can translate into several things only help your current situation. For example, it could cost $ 100 in the hands of ten game of blackjack, where you’re in an online casino it could run around $ 10. This is a big difference at the end of the day and a great way to think about it while playing. Especially for those who want to go more than once a week at the local casino.

It’s a big learning curve to experience as well. Let’s face it, when you first start playing in an online casino there is a plethora of games that you can learn to play. Maybe there was a you just do not touch the casino because your knowledge of how to play the game is minimal. Chie is a huge turn over to online players because it helps teach them how to play.

The fast paced game you see in your local area can now be slowed so you can figure out all the rules. Plus, if you want to understand by the free play you can, and then move to real money in an online casino that costs a fifth of it in your casino near the house. Then when you feel more comfortable, take your game to the local arena and see how you fair.

Granted, players are some of the most superstitious people in the world, bringing pictures and materialistic things to wear their happiness. We say if it did not work offline for you, why not try a different route. Online casinos have the same chance that regular and in some games, even the best. Maybe playing this way will be the change you need.

These are only some of the benefits to help you adjust to an online casino. We understand that it is something new, it is something that you are not quite as usual, and change is never easy. However, this is the wave of the future and if you want to ride the wave, hop on, we’ll help you out along the way.


There is a discussion about the process of becoming an official dealer of SCR888. As far as we know, SCR888 Mobile Casino is listed as online slot game is the most popular in Malaysia, not only in 2016, but the trend is likely to continue in the years to come. Everyone is crazy about slot games SCR888.


SCR888 slot gaming market

What’s up in such a great demand for SCR888 slot games on the market mainly due to the characteristics of simple games, high jackpots progress, regular free bonus game, like many games, which has garnered a lot of fans of the game slot of the total market. If you are already a dealer casino product other online betting in Malaysia, we do not see any reason why you do not need to add Casino Mobile SCR888 in your business portfolio.

A dealer online casino is currently expected to make a profit in the first few weeks after she began promoting SCR888 slot game. online brand with a solid game SCR888 Mobile Casino, a casino employee can start the online gambling business without putting their own efforts on it. Remember, a successful entrepreneur must sell anything that is required by the market.

How to register as Casino Mobile Agent SCR888?

SCR888 Mobile Casino strictly implement guidelines to assess the feasibility of a potential casino dealer. In general, companies need to take several factors considered in the review process, namely the capacity, reliability, integrity, and also positive. When one has passed the evaluation of Mobile Casino SCR888, he will become an official dealer of SCR888 casino to start promoting your business online slot game. By taking advantage of online betting platform SCR888 Mobile Casino, a casino dealer that will attract a variety of customers in a short period of time.

You may have a question in your mind now is: Can I apply where a casino dealer? Only a few friends who passed SCR888 Casino mobile games in Malaysia casino online , and you are required to reach one of them to become official SCR888 casino dealer. For any matters relating to the casino dealer application process, please contact us for more information.

SCR888 place to play mobile phone Online Slot Game

If you conclude that you want to play slot scr888 online then you will have some unique choices to make, especially online where the club to play in, for a series of gaming clubs access to play online then you should know the benefits of play in any club gambling websites and all kinds of open diversion can only be accessed.

You will find several online club provides instant entertainment room to play you and play with a level of game control beam, and a number of clubs had set provides a complete game can download and where is the largest supplier Scr888 different and most of the holes various.

We have assembled a maid full of many mobile phone online games Slot design and game platform online access and it is worth your reading assistant, because it will cause up to you which game ratings slot has a scope of special and separate elections bent the mobile slot important metric tons.

Should play wagering genuine cash in scr888 clubhouse free download online?

Today is satisfied by the new temperament eatable 11tr and indicated pocket cash, so sit revise presentation scr888 club locales legitimate genuine cash. Because of his prior likewise served on numerous discussions grabbing to figure out how to profit and locate a legitimate site. So I see superior to anything anybody your disposition. Try not to say any more protracted and let her go right on Main. In this month alone likewise learn and partake in internet betting genuine cash on scr888 club free download. As  trustworthy worldwide ones, they work fundamentally, pay into play, pull back cash rapidly and helpfully.


They pull back cash a few times, and this is the best time to be 11 bottles. Should its notoriety of being affirmed ought to keep in touch with you past any reference needs to play in scr888 gambling club download. No offering cash to phishing locales, phantom instructors, hurting individuals. Settlement might be, when cash is difficult to like the sky. Comprehend joining scr888 clubhouse playing at destinations like siblings then took the cash out early rear way playing cards, wins the cash, lost, alone. Hence, need to play must be paid into.

The internet betting diversion kind in scr888 clubhouse

Most fledglings figure out how to play genuine cash scr888 club, 10 individuals, all individuals like to play baccarat 9. This diversion is all scratch amusements 3 trees, compute catch. 9 is the most elevated score, 10 focuses is adjusted.

To meet the different needs of the players are in verajohn they have blackjack, roulette, breakdown Resources, … The web amusement is a great deal of locales all have, yet for the most part play with the machine, additionally a part in the W88 play with genuine individuals, and there are loads of individuals playing together. Merchant clear, since this is identified with cash, is not a joke so you have to play at the water material to set for precisely.

These issues ought to be considered while picking all playing cards online

He noticed that when kids play, there are numerous tables to look over, every table will have an alternate least stores, similar to the VIP room, the room regularly. Be that as it may, regularly picked room, little players get experience before one has. Whenever drew in, the siblings played installment and trade withdrawal out VND, the gambling club scr888 clubhouse consequently changed over into dollars at the settled conversion scale is 20,000 = $ 1. When you have to enlist in scr888 free download, or might want to request that how store and pull back cash, or defective amusement and need to sue, or anything they contact each online visit. There will be staffed 24 hours/day. So I completely concur with this site and prescribe it to you.

Play something, as well, not simply to play scr888 clubhouse genuine cash, the organization they work and the distinction of his post can survey when to learn, on the site, or contact the online visit is appraised the cost is correct. There are so certain you join another diversion. Include 1 more data, the so-scr888 club they were dynamic in Malaysia for right around 3 years, I’ve adapted precisely before reviving is home on this discussion don’t have any dissensions from players ought to likewise more guaranteed.

There are many kinds of online casino games in Malaysia, but slot game, especially Great Blue slot is one of the most played by both men and women.  Great Blue slot title refers to the great sea and color, one of the main focuses of Playtech’s slot machines. With many exciting features offered by software provider as well as great support from leading online casino sites such as GDWON333 or UCW88, Great Blue slot game will not let you down.


Unique and fantastic theme

Overall, the theme of Great Blue as if the creatures of the sea and of the sights one can enjoy down there. It’s a bit heavy on the blue, with a variety of fish and sea creatures between symbols. The world of undersea in great blue combine with lifelike sound effects brings a wonderful place to use as inspiration. Although sea life theme is common in Malaysia online casino which used by some slots like Dolphin slots, but you will find the difference when explore slot game Great Blue of Playtech that you will not care that it’s not the original. Life under water in Great Blue gives you exciting betting experience.

Design and symbols

The Wild symbol is described by the image of Orca whales, which have the ability to replace any other symbol. But the only Orca Whale Wild symbol that cannot be replaced is scattered pearls. Other symbols could have used some marine plants, for some additional color, but it managed to find a good slot machine. The wild symbol in Great Blue insures that any potential merger of the salary line is the same as it would have a better chance to form. Even better, if the combo was formed with the help of the wild, you can get x2 multiplier that the prizes are doubled. When the wilds appear several times on the same line, the gifts offered by him, going from 10x to 10,000x.

Bonus Game with Free Spins

Bonus game with free spins is one of the most favorite features in the slot game that need pearls scattered over at least three positions on the reels. You will be taken to a screen with five bullets in the bonus game, and you have to choose two of them. Most of the case, players have chance to get up to 33 free spins and multipliers up to x15. It is the kind of feature most slot enthusiasts love to see in a slot machine, with multiplier potential that goes beyond what is 99% of the Great Blue slot machine will give you.

Is Great Blue Worth Playing?

Of course, why millions of people in the world want to enjoy betting experience Great Blue slot game Malaysia offers? This is absolutely because of great features as well as multipliers interesting prizes of the game slot. Ocean themed slot tends to be a lot of fun and I would say that it is the case with the Great Blue.

It is easy to find the Great Blue Slots at any online casinos in Malaysia which choose to use software from Playtech. You also can decide to play either for free or for real money. Play now!

Although roulette games have been popular for decades, there are still many players who are completely unaware of the proper way to play games. As a result, they play roulettes casino and lose a lot of money even if they do not. I compiled some basic tidbits, but important information that I hope will help beginners to tip the possibility of a little more of their favor.


House edge

Be sure to remember that whatever you play is always next to the house you have to beat. You can not avoid, so all you can do is try to improve your chances of getting through as much as possible by understanding this game and all its nuances.

Select the appropriate system

Now, this is easier said than done. There are many roulettes casino systems available to play or sell in there, so choosing one from dozens of systems can overwhelm you. If you can avoid it, try not to play with the system. If you have to use one, you should use it before collecting information about the system as detailed as possible.

Use odds

As much as possible, place your bet, which pays the parallel bet. A red or black, or perhaps even or odd, bet is a good example. As a result, you’re just playing a small one below even against the house, so your money will last longer and you can play with more features. If you are heavy, however, this may be too much for you to handle.

Betting Speaking, you know what the best option in roulette is?

It is placed on a table in Europe and is known as the En Prison bet. This can be done on all the even money bets. How does it work? When the ball lands 0, your bet is still placed under the table for the next round. If you win on the next spin, you do not get all your bonuses, but you get your original bet back, so only half of the bets will be lost. In addition, even in the money betting the EN prison rules, only gives the house a 1.35% advantage. That ‘s why En’ s approach is to make the best choice in roulettes casino.

Streaking – this is the error that should be avoided altogether. Surprisingly, even players with many years of experience will believe that a series of reds will increase the chances of striking the next spin black. Fact: Ball and wheel have no memory. Even if the red has been hit twice in a row, the rate of getting a black next rotation will always be 50-50.

Set Money – One of the best things to do to avoid the heap of huge losses is to set up a money game. Once you use it, exit. Say goodbye, turn around, and did not look back. This way, you avoid losing more money than what you are preparing for. Do not gamble more than you can afford.

It is very important that it invest your money in the casino should be intact

If the strategy is to make the amount of your premium loss is not it’s a good strategy. This strategy can protect your capital will be a potential winner. Any strategy should work on paper, without any investment of real money. It is your chance to work out this great strategy (a lossless roulette strategy) that is derived from a fact that will never revolutionize the development of roulette-based pure mathematics. This strategy enables you to win an amazing 93% chance (in roulettes casino Malaysia) of each spin. The best thing about this strategy is that it wins your computer and even loses (always a fraction of your investment) when your future investment amount is total capital and thus wins back, you will be in your All previous wins on the same stage ended.

For more information about this strategy, visit popular attractions like UCW88, mas889, M8WIN, GDWON333, and 39BEST. It can change your life.

Du kan köpa biljetter till våra pokerturneringar antingen via vår hemsida eller i kassan på kasinot.


Biljetterna släpps kl 13, 14 dagar innan respektive turnering om inget annat meddelas. Internetförsäljning stänger 15 minuter innan turneringsstart på turneringsdagen och eventuellt återstående biljetter kan köpas på kasinot.

Ett användarnamn måste registreras första gången en bokning görs via hemsidan.

Bokningsbekräftelse och legitimation visas i pokerrummet innan turneringsstart. Anmälan är bindande (det vill säga ingen återbetalning). Om en registrerad spelare uteblir, kommer den betalda summan att ingå i vinstpotten.

I Malmö startar turneringarna enligt turneringsschemat i höger hörn.

I Stockholm startar alla turneringar samtidigt som pokerrummet öppnar kl 18, och cashgame startar därefter i mån av intresse.

I Göteborg öppnar pokerrummet kl 18 alla dagar med undantag lördagar och söndagar då starttiden är kl 16.

I Sundsvall öppnar pokerrummet kl 17, med undantag för lördagar då pokerrummet öppnar kl 15. Turneringar startar kl 19 alla dagar förutom lördagar då de startar kl 15.

· En plats i en turneringen får inte användas som ett pris i en satellitturnering som anordnas utan erforderligt tillstånd i Sverige. En plats får vidare inte användas på annat sätt som innebär ett otillåtet främjande av ett utom landet anordnat lotteri.

· Det är inte tillåtet att bära kläder eller annan utstyrsel som exponerar utländska spelbolags namn och logotyper under förutsättning att exponeringen utgör en form av marknadsföring av dessa bolags spel eller andra tjänster. Undantag medges inte.

Ovan till höger har ni länkar till direktbokning online.


Resultat från Nordic Light Poker 2013 på Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall

Deltagare: 62
Total prissumma: 131 000 SEK
Placering Namn Prissumma
1 Anders Tangen  55 020 SEK
2 Tony Öhman 28 820 SEK
3 Mikael Norgren 19 650 SEK
4 Martin Ek 13 100 SEK
5 Kim Holmberg 9 170 SEK
6 Christian Tjärnberg 5 240 SEK



Deltagare: 49
Total prissumma: 147 000 SEK
Placering Namn Prissumma
1 Kenth Karlsson 54 390 SEK
2 David Berggren 36 750 SEK
3 Robert Hansson 23 520 SEK
4 Johan Karlsson 16 170 SEK
5 Petter Ferm 10 290 SEK
6 Mattias Forslin 5 880 SEK
Deltagare: 23
Total prissumma: 11 500 SEK
Placering Namn Prissumma
1 Anna Hultman 5 405 SEK
2 Erika Thunfors 2 990 SEK
3 Carina Söderqvist 1 955 SEK
4 Anki Svahlstedt 1 150 SEK



Deltagare: 30
Total prissumma: 60 000 SEK
Placering Namn Prissumma
1 Michael Bartov 6 000 SEK
1 Andreas Midell 6 000 SEK
1 Georgios Poulkakos 6 000 SEK
1 Peter Kvisthammar 6 000 SEK
1 Jon Steringer 6 000 SEK
1 Johan Söderin 6 000 SEK
1 Andreas Midell 15 000 SEK
2 Johan Söderin 9 000 SEK



Deltagare: 71
Total prissumma: 710 000 SEK
Placering Namn Prissumma
1 Andreas Högdahl 255 600 SEK
2 Bosse Gustafsson 149 100 SEK
3 Fredrik Renström 92 300 SEK
4 Apo Arslan 63 900 SEK
5 Björn Nordberg 49 700 SEK
6 Anton Knutar 35 500 SEK
7 Erik Backlund 28 400 SEK
8 Mattias Jonsson 21 300 SEK
9 Anton Bertilsson 14 200 SEK


Deltagare: 15
Total prissumma: 30 000 SEK
Placering Namn Prissumma
1 Kenth Karlsson  12 000 SEK
2 Anna Wiberg  12 000 SEK
3 Morgan Sandström    6 000 SEK


Philip Klasson tog hem segern i Nordic Masters of Poker 2013. Han besegrade Apo Arslan heads up och kan därmed ta hem 416 000 kronor, hans första livecash någonsin! fick en intervju med vinnaren och tvåan i turneringen.


Philip Klasson vinnare av Nordic Masters of Poker 2013
Philip Klasson

Stort grattis till seger, hur känns det?
Det känns riktigt bra! Det är min första livecash dessutom så det är kul. Har spelat i princip alla stora turneringar över 10 000 kronor på Cosmopol de senaste två åren och inte cashat, så då kan det bli dyrt.

Det var många kända ansikten vid finalbordet, var det tufft motstånd?
Ja, det var ganska tufft faktiskt, men jag sprang rätt bra. Fram tills det var fyrhandat hände det i princip ingenting i min stack, men sen tog det fart. Fick ett bra kortsnitt och kunde sno lite blinds och sånt kul, haha!

Vad tycker du om turneringen och arrangemanget i helhet?
Det är en rolig turnering med många stora profiler som ställer upp nu när det är lite dyrare. Bra struktur var det också, var någon gång på finalbordet det blev ett litet stort hopp men i stort sett så var det riktigt bra.

Vill du ser fler lite dyrare turneringar som denna i Sverige?

Vad ska du göra med vinstpengarna då? Kommer du att unna dig något extra?
Det blir väl till att fylla på rullen. Nu kan man ju spela lite mer live också när man fick en cash. Annars vet jag inte riktigt.

Vad händer härnäst för dig?
Har inga planer riktigt. Många snackar ju om att åka till EPT London som är nu om någon vecka, så har funderat på det. Man funderar ju lite extra nu när man vann denna också, haha!

Återigen stort grattis till Philip!

Apo Arslan tvåa i Nordic Masters of Poker 2013
Apo Arslan

Apo Arslan slutade tvåa i Nordic Masters of Poker och fick för det 304 000 kronor. Efter att ha kommit trea i Nordic Light Poker för knappa månaden sedan blev det återigen en djup placering för honom, och vi fick en snabb diskussion efter att priserna hade delats ut.

Hur känns det nu?
Det känns helt ok. Jag är så klart besviken eftersom det är min femte heads-up här på Casino Cosmopol i Stockholm och min femte andraplats. Samtidigt är jag väldigt nöjd eftersom jag var nere på 3 big blinds när vi var 7 spelare kvar.

Hur har du tagit dig igenom turneringen?
Jag har varit väldigt lugn. Under de första dagarna var jag inte all-in för turneringslivet och det var endast 2-3 stora bluffar. Jag tappade under första dagen men var aldrig nervös. Jag tycker jag har spelat bra.

Vad tycker du om arrangemanget Casino Cosmopol har bjudit på?
Det har varit fantastiskt. Jag försöker att komma till alla turneringar här i Stockholm och i Sundsvall och är jättenöjd!

Vad händer härnäst?
Vi får se, det kanske blir London eller så åker jag till Berlin. Jättetrevliga städer och mer poker blir det.

Vi gratulerar Apo till en andraplats och en fantastisk prestation.

Vinnaren och den svenska mästaren 2013 i Texas Hold’em heter Mats Jungsand. Stort grattis Mats! Vi säger förstås också grattis till Dennis Bejedal, som kom tvåa och Nichlas Mattsson, som placerade sig på tredje plats. fick en intervju med vinnaren och tvåan i turneringen.


Mats Jungsand vinnare av Poker-SM 2013 på Casino Cosmopol.
Mats Jungsand

Hur känns det?
– Det känns fantastiskt! Det var extremt hårt motstånd. Jag brukar inte spela så här stora turneringar vanligtvis, min grej är höga cashgames på nätet.

Du är en känd profil på Casino Cosmopol och har gått bra i ranking-turneringarna. Spelar du samma spel i SM som du gör i andra tävlingar här?
– Nej, jag spelar nog lite försiktigare här. Man kommer inte undan med lika mycket mot den här typen av motstånd.

Hur bra koll hade du på motståndet när du väl kom till finalbordet?
Jag hade rätt bra koll. Jag vet att alla är duktiga, de kommer inte att göra några misstag och de kommer inte att ge mig någonting gratis. Jag försökte att spela min stack framför allt, och sen korten i andra hand.

Det har sett bra ut för dig länge i turneringen. När började du på allvar känna att det fanns klara förutsättningar att ta hem titeln?
Det var nog  i samband med att jag tog en stor pott av Ramzi och därmed tog över chip leaden. Efter det släppte jag den aldrig, och hade dessutom ett extremt bra kortsnitt vilket naturligtvis hjälpte till.

Hur mycket betyder en SM-titel för dig i relation till prispengarna?
Titeln är det viktigaste. Jag har varit så nära flera gånger online, och har suttit på många finalbord utan att ta en titel. Det här var väldigt viktigt för mig. Det här är det största jag gjort inom poker.

Tack, och stort grattis till en grym prestation!

Dennis Bejedal tvåa i Poker-SM 2013 på Casino Cosmopol.
Dennis Bejedal

Dennis Bejedal, tvåa i turneringen. Hur kändes finaldagen?
– Jag kom in shortstackad, men de sänkte ju blindsen för dagen vilket jag blev överlycklig av. Jag hade en jättebra känsla när dagen började, och sen kunde jag börja bygga stack rätt snabbt.

Vad tycker du om motståndet?
– Det var ett skarpt finalbord, men det var rätt låst. Jag hade Mats före mig som hade byggt upp sig rejält innan finalbordet. Först var jag rätt nöjd att jag kom i position på honom, men sen kom jag på rätt snabbt att jag hellre skulle ha velat vara i hans position. Han kunde höja upp så mycket han ville, och jag blev rätt låst när de satt med 15 big blinds bakom mig. Mats hade lekstuga, och han spelade jättebra.

Du är professionell spelare och har stor rutin. Hur mycket tänker du på att det är en SM-turnering som spelas?
Bra fråga… det var nog mest heads-up som jag tänkte på det, den vill man ju vinna. Det är ändå kul, det är något man kan stoltsera med för polarna som inte spelar poker, de skulle tycka att det vore skitkul. I pokervärlden har det inte samma betydelse då det finns flera olika SM.

När bestämde du dig för att du skulle spela SM?
Kvart i fyra i måndags. Då lämnade hunden hemma och drog hit med bilen. Jag registrerade mig med två minuter kvar innan det stängde, och det var ju ett ganska bra beslut så här i efterhand.

Det är ett väldigt ojämnt fält i en sån här turnering. Hur svårt är det att spela när man möter så varierat motstånd?
– Jag spelade dag 1A, och jag såg redan på startlistorna att det var en enorm skillnad i fältet. Jag gillar när det är lite tuffare motstånd, jag har svårare att spela mot kasinorävar som jag inte har någon koll på.

Du fick nästan en halv miljon kronor i prispengar. Går det in i rullen eller kommer du att investera det i något?
Det finns alltid hål att täppa till.

Dennis avslutar med ett leende, och vi gratulerar till den fina insatsen!

Nichlas Mattsson trea i Poker-SM 2013 på Casino Cosmopol
Nichlas Mattsson

Nichlas Mattsson, trea i turneringen. Hur har turneringen känts?
– Det har känts ganska bra ända från start, och jag har legat bra till i stort sett hela tiden. Det var när vi kom ned på två bord som jag tappade lite.

Vad tycker du om din bordslottning?
– Bordslottningen har varit så där för min del, jag hamnade på ett bord som var riktigt tufft. Där var det hög standard på spelarna, men på det första bordet jag satt på var en dröm.

Är det något speciellt med SM, eller är det en turnering i mängden?
– Det speciella med den här turneringen är att det är mycket bättre värde. Att det är ett svenskt mästerskap är ett dragplåster som lockar fler spelare. Det är klart att det skulle vara roligt att var svensk mästare, men titeln i sig är inte så märkvärdig jämfört med om det hade hetat någonting annat. Men det är alltid roligt när de gör saker med initiativet att det ska dra mer folk.

Du är en rutinerad spelare som är van att möta väldigt kvalificerade spelare. Anpassr du dig i en sån här turnering som har så pass varierat motstånd som i denna turnering, med en blandning av oerfarna amatörer och erfarna proffs?
– Jo, absolut. Man får vara uppmärksam hela tiden och följa med vad sm händer. Man ser en del ovanliga spel som man inte ser annars.

Tack för pratstunden, och grattis till tredjeplatsen!